MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE FROM EVERY STRAND Every Scorpion Bow String is made to exacting standards, using only the finest materials available. We start with BCY X as our base material. End-servings and roller serving use .014 BCY Halo for durability and separation resistance. We use G2 Braid XS for the nock serving as we have found this to be one of the longest wearing and most durable serving materials on the market.

We want you to be proud that you depend on a Scorpion Bowstring both in the field and on the range. The surest path to that is to use only the finest materials in manufacturing and the tightest industry-leading quality control. In rare the event that something does go wrong we aren't going to sit on our hands and leave you wondering "What Now?"

In the unlikely event that your Scorpion Bowstring isn't offering you the rock-solid performance we are known for Scorpion Strings has you covered with our Sting Free Warranty™ program.

Scorpion Strings come with a one-year Sting-Free™ Warranty. This warranty covers materials and workmanship. IE: no stretch, no twisting. If you have any issues with your bowstring or cables contact us and we will replace them for you. It is as simple as that.

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